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Modernization Bed Frame.

Modernization bed frame is used for installation of latest gearless technology inside your existing shaft. It is design such that it runs the elevator with increased efficiency, safety, comfort and with proven reliability.

Basic features

  • Highest Flexibility by world class Design
  • High Level of Accuracy
  • Reliability with High sturdiness
  • Smooth & Quiet ride with improved safety
  • Available in Left Hand & Right Hand Version
  • Approved Safety Brake as per EN standards
  • Low Temperature Rise
  • Long Life Span

Modernization Bed Frame Components

  • Gearless Machine
  • Machine Base Frame for 2:1 / 1:1 suspension.
  • Integrated rope suspension and diverter pulley mounting for car and counterweight
  • Protective Covers on Traction Sheave & Diverter Pulley
  • Suitable Adaptors for Rope fastening (1:1 suspension) – Optional

Dimensional Drawing

machin draw 04

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